Vauxhall Enterprises provides multiple marketing services all in one place. No need to hire a web designer, a SEO/PPC specialist, or a media buyer. One call into Vauxhall Enterprises and you can talk with a Chief Marketing Officer about your marketing strategy and then meet with a specialist concerning the execution of the strategy all in one place. At Vauxhall Enterprises, we offer the marketing services your business needs mixed with Executive level strategy and measurement that increases sales.

[column size=”1/2″]ONLINE MARKETING

Web Design

A properly designed and optimized website is essential to business growth. We specialize in the creation of websites, both traditional and mobile, that convert traffic into leads and sales.

PPC – Google Adwords Specialists

Our team of Pay-per-Click advertising experts focus on getting your ad in front of the right people, at the right time and at the right place. Whether it is CPC, CPA, Display or Remarketing, we can handle it.

Social Media

The new word of mouth machine that drives customer perceptions and purchasing decisions is the monster called Social Media. Make sure you are a part of the conversation with our social media experts.

Email Marketing

Email provides you the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales, which is why the most savvy online marketers have no intention of giving it up any time soon.

Marketing Strategy

We work with clients to prioritize their marketing budget and their ROI. Our professional marketing strategy consultants will define the right strategy and messages for our customers, and find the optimal mix of vehicles among today’s wide variety of media types.

[/column][column size=”1/2″]TRADITIONAL MARKETING

Direct Mail

Direct mail continues to be an effective way to get your message directly in the hands of your target market. We will create a plan on a local and national basis to generate business through direct mailings.

Print Advertising

Whether it is magazines, newspaper or outdoor marketing, we have a experienced consultants who can put together a creative, innovative print advertising campaign for your business.


The use of coupons is still prevalent today and many companies are utilizing this form of marketing to generate business. We will find the most effective ways for coupons to get in potential customers hands.

Broadcast Marketing

Getting your ad heard or watched is always important. We work with all types of broadcast marketing based on the needs of our customers, including radio spots, TV commercials and more.

Public Relations

Managing the reputation of your brand can be a difficult task in today’s world. Having a company to make sure your reputation is strong is of even more importance and Vauxhall Enterprises is here to help.[/column]



brandingVauxhall Enterprises’ Brand Consulting Expertise – Without patents, technological innovation or barriers to entry, a company’s brand — the relationship it has with its customers – is one of the few things a company can own forever. The strongest, most enduring brands result from disciplined alignment of brand strategies and plans with customer requirements.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning defines the conceptual space the brand should play relative to competitors, and is fundamental to marketing, communication and messaging development. Vauxhall Enterprises has positioned dozens of brands using a proven approach to maximize customer relevancy and uniqueness. We research, define and deliver positioning strategies that win in the marketplace.

Brand Extension

Brand extension involves stretching the brand into new categories to drive growth. When successful, brand extension improves brand equity while lowering business development costs. Brands can be highly elastic and should be selectively extended. The key is to protect the benefit essence of the brand. Brand extension examples, principles and frameworks are used in developing brand extension strategies.

Brand Naming

A strong brand name helps your company or product stand out in today’s cluttered media environment. The strongest brand names will result from a blend of strategy and creativity. Powerful brand and product names are based on powerful positioning strategies. Vauxhall Enterprises has a proven track record of creating strong, memorable and legally available brand names.

Brand Identity

Brand identity development involves bringing the brand to life and then delivering the brand experience at all touchpoints. Vauxhall Enterprises creates and delivers strong brand identities across relevant customer touchpoints. We use journey maps, creative concepts and materials development to develop and deliver a consistent brand experience.

Brand Research

Brand research provides the foundation for improving brand image. We employ brand equity, brand loyalty and brand tracking tools in building strong brands. Vauxhall Enterprises employs a variety of brand research tools, including both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. We assess brand image and then identify specific ways to strengthen brand equity.




Vauxhall Enterprises’ Business Consulting offers a list of services for business owners to choose from, depending on their particular business needs. This includes; business and marketing plan preparation, financial search and procurement, IT consulting services, management development, and human resources advising.

[column size=”1/2″]Startups

Vauxhall Enterprises’ primary focus is on start-up businesses, preferably in the earlier stages of operation. Small and mid-sized businesses make up a sizable majority of U.S. and international markets. Vauxhall prefers to establish a relationship with a younger operation and then continue to nurture that relationship over the long term.

Vauxhall Enterprises brings a broad range of knowledge and expertise required to launch a new business. These services include startup capital fundraising, information-based consulting, integration and management services. Services are designed to increase clients’ operations effectiveness through reduced cost, improved customer service, enhanced quality of current product lines and services, and a more rapid introduction of new products and services.

[/column][column size=”1/2″]Business Development

Vauxhall Enterprises can give your business a fresh perspective on analyzing the market potential of your current products and services, as well as identifying new target areas of growth. Most business owners are often surprised to see how many opportunities are in front of them that they are too business blinded to see.

Expanding your sales channels and/or sales force are also key areas Vauxhall Enterprises can assist bringing to your business: Locating qualified sales representatives, sales reps, agents, distributors and partners;  Screening and selection of the most suitable partner for specific products and services based on track record, financial strength and marketing capabilities; Negotiating and structuring the transaction; Locate reputable distribution channels.